Ensure Your Child Develops Proper Oral Hygiene

Wellness exams and dental cleaning in Bozeman, MT

Trust the staff at Children's Dental Health Center, P.C. when it’s time for your child’s routine exam. We’ll discuss your child’s dental and medical history and create a personalized hygiene plan for your little one.

If your child is under the age of three, we perform a lap-to-lap exam. Your child will sit in your lap as we go over your child’s dental past and orthodontic future.
If your child is five or older, we’ll:
  • Conduct a traditional exam
  • Take X-rays if needed
  • Instruct your child on proper brushing techniques
  • Let you know about any areas your child may be missing while brushing
We offer fluoride and sealant treatments to keep your child’s teeth protected. The wellness exam and cleaning typically takes 30 minutes. Once your child’s exam is completed, they can pick up their toothbrush and receive X-rays, floss and prizes to take home with them.

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Committed to teaching your child superior oral care habits

Start developing your child’s oral habits at an early age by bringing them to Children's Dental Health Center, P.C. for pediatric dental care.

In addition to routine exams and cleaning, we offer restorative services, braces and retainers. Call Children's Dental Health Center, P.C. at 406-586-8112 for an appointment.