Dr. Todd Steinmetz

Dr. Todd Steinmetz

Dr. Todd Steinmetz grew up in Wisconsin where his father is a pediatric dentist. When Dr. Todd was in fifth grade, he decided that he would like to follow his father’s example and become a pediatric dentist as well. Dr. Todd worked for his father around his office and truly fell in love with children’s dentistry. After years and years of school, Dr. Todd moved to Montana. He opened his practice in 1997. A true “Cheese Head”, Dr. Todd is huge Packers fan. He is also a competitive clay shooter. He loves to ski as well. In 2006 Dr. Todd married his wife Nicole. They two of them welcomed their son Ty James Steinmetz on January 18th, 2008.

Lauren Smith

Lauren and her husband moved to Bozeman in 2015 from South Carolina. She misses being close to the ocean but has enjoyed being close to the mountains. In the fall of 2016 they welcomed their daughter Lily Hart. In her spare time, Lauren likes to garden, travel, and spend time at the pool.

Mandy Smith

Mandy grew up in Montana and moved to Bozeman for college in 1997. She graduated in 2001 and since has spent her time working with children and their families. Mandy married her best friend of 30 years in the fall of 2012 and they welcomed their daughter Stella Lou in 2015. In her spare time Mandy enjoys reading, being outdoors, traveling, Pilates and spending time with her loud Greek family.

Tara Williams

Tara grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and relocated to Bozeman in 2001. She is a certified dental assistant with thirteen years of experience in the dental field, and has completed both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Organizational Leadership. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband and their two children, cooking, reading, gardening and fitness.

Michelle Albright

Michelle moved from Wyoming to Livingston in the summer of 2013, she came here to be closer to her sisters family, and also for her love of the outdoors. She enjoys being close so she can attend her niece’s and nephew’s sporting events and school functions. She also takes any opportunity she can to go backpacking, so she can camp at the top of a mountain, and rafting on the Yellowstone River.

Sarah Wass

Sarah was born and raised in Bozeman, Montana. From a young age she knew that she wanted to work in the field of dentistry. In her spare time, Sarah loves to hike, drink coffee, get her nails done and spending time with her two Toy Australian Shepherds.

Hope Cameron

Hope moved to Bozeman from Olympia, Washington in 2009. She and her husband Joe made the move to finish their education at Montana State University and to enjoy close proximity to the mountains. Their son Jude was born in November of 2014. In her free time Hope likes to spend time with her family outdoors, eat ice cream and re-read Harry Potter books.